Shophouses along the old Hock Lam street in Singapore during the 1960s

Singapore Shophouses – Then and Now

Walk the streets of Singapore today, and you will see skyscrapers, high-rise residential, and sleek modern buildings. However, you’d also see scattered throughout the island, many quaint shophouses of varying styles. They range from the early generation shophouses in Chinatown, to richly ornamented Peranakan-style shophouses on Koon Seng Road. Nestled amidst our developed city’s landscape, […]

First Generation Singapore Soldier 1/26 Figure

Singapore Bicentennial & Unit Commemorative Gift

This year, we celebrate the Singapore Bicentennial! It marks the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore – an important milestone in our country’s history. During this time, we remember the people who laid the foundations for our nation. Among them are the pioneers who underwent National Service during our first years as […]

New Heritage Figures Thumbnail

4 New Singapore Heritage Figures Have Landed!

The wait is over, and just in time to celebrate Singapore’s National Day too. We’ve just launched 4 brand new figurines for our Singapore Heritage collection! Our latest pieces are the 1950s Police Officer, Trishaw Rider, Ice Ball Vendor and Chicken Seller. We’re especially happy with how these turned out – especially the ice ball […]

Upcoming Singapore Heritage Releases_Icon

Upcoming Singapore Heritage Releases

It’s been awhile since we last released any Singapore Heritage figures. So for those of you who are anticipating new additions, we have some updates here to whet your appetite with!   These are our latest work-in-progress pics of our upcoming releases, at varying stages of production. Painting has been added, but some figures are […]


Updates On Our Shophouse Model – Now With Lights!

As our Singapore / Malaya Heritage Collection grows, we’re getting more and more excited about the progress of our 1950s shophouse model. Finally, this will be the piece that truly ties everything together! We’ve been thinking that the interior rooms look rather dark. So we experimented, and are pleased to now share that we will be adding […]


New Miniature Stories Heritage Series – What to Expect

Earlier this week, we launched our new Heritage Series – a completely different genre from our earlier military range. Rather than soldiers and guns, it focuses on day-to-day characters and scenes from olden Singapore and Malaya during the 1950s to 1970s. We started off with 6 figurines that featured the Samsui Women, Kacang Puteh Man, Satay […]


Heritage Series Prototypes!

Ever since we launched our brand in late-2016, our vision has always been to capture and preserve our local culture and history in the form of collectible miniatures. We started off with the Singapore Army series. This was largely because of our own little passion for the military, and nostalgia from days as a National […]