4 New Singapore Heritage Figures Have Landed!

The wait is over, and just in time to celebrate Singapore’s National Day too. We’ve just launched 4 brand new figurines for our Singapore Heritage collection!

Our latest pieces are the 1950s Police Officer, Trishaw Rider, Ice Ball Vendor and Chicken Seller.

We’re especially happy with how these turned out – especially the ice ball stall. There’s just so much detail and intricate parts that make it so lifelike! Every piece is a must-have, especially if you’ve already begun putting together your scene from 1950s Singapore.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of these figures.


Ice Ball Vendor

Miniature Stories Ice Ball Seller 4Check out the F&N decal on the drink cartons. We even added them to each of the drink bottles!

Miniature Stories Ice Ball Seller 3

The set includes the ice shaver, clamp and even a block of ice.

Miniature Stories Ice Ball Seller 6
And for those of you who want to see how it all fits together, here’s an unboxing video:


1950s Police Officer

Miniature Stories 1950s Police Officer (Front 2)

The uniform worn by Singapore Police Force officers from 1945 – 1969 was very different from the one we’re familiar with today. It consisted of a grey flannel shirt, khaki shorts, peak cap and black boots.


Trishaw Rider & Customer

Miniature Stories Trishaw Rider & Customer 1

Miniature Stories Trishaw Rider & Customer 4

Our trishaw miniature was painstakingly created, complete with weathering, movable handlebars, and a hood that folds up and down. Both the rider and customer figurines are removable as well.


Live Chicken Seller

Miniature Stories Live Chicken Seller (Front)

Miniature Stories Live Chicken Seller (Front 2)

Though it makes for a more complicated production process, we do like our figurine parts to be removable. This is why we made each chicken as a separate miniature, to be placed inside the cage that opens and closes.

During the earlier stages of design however, we realised that the chickens were so light they kept falling over inside the cage. The cage however, was made of metal. So to solve this problem, we added a tiny magnet at the base of each chicken so that they would stick to the cage and remain upright.

And those are our 4 new Singapore Heritage figures, folks! They are all available on our webstore here: https://www.miniature-stories.com/product-category/heritage-figurines/  , along with more pictures! We ship worldwide as well.

Stay tuned for our next release!

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