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Choose Miniature Stories as your preferred supplier for your event collaterals and gifts! We have a range of military-themed souvenirs that we can customise according to your requirements. Need some ideas? Browse these customised items that we created for customers in the past!
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  • Gift Set with Pin Badge in Display Case 4

    RSS Independence Pin Badge Gift Set (Custom Order)

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  • AMX-13 SM1 Tank Jungle Diorama with 47cm Acrylic Case with LED Lights

    Soldier Dioramas & Display Cases (Custom Order)

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  • Product-BA010-Acrylic-Case-Small-RSM

    Soldier Figurines with Cases & Pedestals (Custom Order)

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  • Miniature-Stories-Product-35-SCE-M3G-Magnet-3

    35 SCE M3G Magnet (Custom Order)

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  • Temasek Brigade Golden Jubilee Keychain (Custom Order)

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  • Miniature-Stories-Product-30-SCE-Golden-Jubilee-Patch-1

    30 SCE Golden Jubilee PVC Patch (Custom Order)

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  • Miniature-Stories-Product-AARM-Keychain

    27th ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet Keychain (Custom Order)

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  • Miniature-Stories-Product-5SIR-Custom-Gift-Set

    5 SIR Soldier Figurine Gift Set (Custom Order)

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