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Our Story

A few words from our co-founder about the Singapore Army Series

“From an early age, I was fascinated by the storefront displays in scale modelling shops. The intricate dioramas depicting soldiers and armoured vehicles engaged on the battlefield always gripped my imagination.

Over the years, I collected miniatures across various periods – from medieval knights to legionnaires of the Roman Empire, all the way to World War II armies and vehicles.

But the era that was missing – and one which was close to my heart – was that of Singapore’s National Service experience. As we are a small country, I realised it was unlikely that we would be featured by any overseas figurine manufacturer. This was what sparked my desire to start Miniature Stories, really. I felt that our men deserved to have a place in the world of miniature toy soldiers. I wanted to see the NS soldier standing on the same shelf as a Greek Hoplite or a Japanese Samurai.

I truly believe that the NS experience is the one thing that collectively bonds all Singaporean males and defines them. We each have our own memories and stories to tell – from the day we began as “botak” (bald) recruits, progressing through training in our respective units, all the way to our reservist experience. Whether they enjoyed or hated their time in NS, most Singaporean men cannot help but recollect and retell their experiences whenever they get together.

As a collector and Singaporean myself, I wanted Singaporeans to be able to look at these figures and be transported back in time. To reminiscence the sweat and the struggles, the laughter and the friendships, and the pride and sense of duty they felt from this period of their lives.”

Co-Founder & Owner, Miniature Stories

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Who is Miniature Stories?

Miniature Stories is a Singapore-based company that designs and produces realistic collectible figurines celebrating Singapore's history and way of life.

Our passion lies in capturing the characters and stories that are unique to Singapore, then preserving them in miniature that our customers can display and enjoy.

We started our collection with the Singapore Army Series of figurines, but have since expanded beyond the military to include cultural and historical scenes of Singapore as well.

Whether you are a Singaporean who treasures the memories of life in your home country, or a collector or tourist from overseas interested in our culture, we hope that our figurines serve as a cherished keepsake and miniature story for you.

Miniature Stories is run by husband-and-wife team, Caleb and Terra, who co-founded the brand in September 2016.

Miniature Stories and all associated merchandise are not affiliated with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Caleb and TerraCo-Founders Caleb & Terra

We only sell what we ourselves would buy

Founded and owned by discerning collectors who value quality, Miniature Stories prides ourselves in merchandise that boasts amazing accuracy to real-life and attention to detail.

From conceptualisation to production, each figurine is excruciatingly thought-out and personally scrutinised to ensure that the products our customers purchase are of the highest quality.

Our figurines are all hand-sculpted in an original mould, then cast into metal and hand-painted to match the actual character and scene as closely as possible. We work with quality materials but control costs, so that everyone can afford to own a miniature story.