New Miniature Stories Heritage Series – What to Expect

Earlier this week, we launched our new Heritage Series Рa completely different genre from our earlier military range. Rather than soldiers and guns, it focuses on day-to-day characters and scenes from olden Singapore and Malaya during the 1950s to 1970s.

We started off with 6 figurines that featured the Samsui Women, Kacang Puteh Man, Satay Man and a customer. Since then, many have asked about upcoming releases and the direction for this series. So in this post, we will be sharing a little more about how things are going to take shape, as well as some sneak peaks on upcoming miniatures.


Recreating a Shophouse Scene

Our immediate aim will be to recreate a shophouse scene from olden Singapore and Malaya. In order to do so, we will be creating shophouse miniatures with colourful facades and detailed interiors. There will also be a bustling street and five-foot walkway outside, comprising figurines of mobile hawker stalls, trishaws and other professions of the time.


Other Heritage & Cultural Aspects

To further represent our culture and heritage, we will also be creating miniatures that depict festive scenes that took place in Singapore’s post-independence history. Some events that are already high on our list are colourful Peranakan weddings, Malay Weddings, Chinese New Year celebrations and even Thaipusam traditions.


The Real Photos & Sneak Peaks on Upcoming Releases

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to share the real-life photos that inspired us, alongside pictures of our miniatures. The majority of them are work-in-progress, but we’ve included our 6 existing figurines at the end as well.

We sourced the bulk of these real-life photos from the National Archives, and were able to piece the details together by chatting with our parents and others who lived during that era.

As these events took place before our time, it was personally very enriching to immerse ourselves in these old photos and stories.

We hope that our Heritage series will bring back memories for those who lived in that generation. Similarly for the younger folks, we hope that these figurines give them a sense of what life was like for their parents and grandparents.


Shophouse Street Miniature (WIP)


Fortune Teller & Customer Figurines (WIP)


Ma-jie & Child Figurines (WIP)


Trishaw Rider Miniature (WIP)


Koyok Seller Figurine (WIP)


Street Hawker Miniature (WIP)

Singapore Policeman Figurine (WIP)


Street Barber Figurines (WIP)


Clog Maker Figurine (WIP)


Shopping Lady Figurine (WIP)


Brush Seller Miniatures (WIP)


Samsui Women Figurines (now available)

Satay Seller & Customer Figurines (now available)


Kacang Puteh Seller Figurine (now available)


The Samsui Women, Satay Seller and Kacang Puteh Seller figurines are already available at our online store. In addition, we will only be releasing 250 figures of each design worldwide! Each piece will come with a unique limited edition number. So grab yours now whilst stocks last, and bring home a little piece of nostalgia and history!

**All real-life photos credited to the National Archives of Singapore.