Miniature Singapore Heritage Scene Displays

We often showcase the intricate details of each figurine in our Singapore Heritage Miniature collection. But the magic really happens when the miniatures come together in a complete Singapore Heritage scene display. Be it Chinatown in the 1950s, or a colourful Malay Wedding procession through a kampong, these landscapes are sure to capture one’s imagination […]

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (9)

NEW 3D-Printed Leopard 2SG

Why 3D-Print the Leopard 2SG Model? Customers have written in to us over the years, requesting for various vehicle models. Be it the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle, the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank, or even the humble 5-Tonner Truck, every serviceman enjoys a keepsake model of their time in the Army. Thus far, we’ve created […]

Malay Wedding in a Kampong_Web

Malay Weddings in a Kampong

Malay weddings in a kampong during the early days of Singapore. Source: National Archives   Nothing livens up the neighbourhood like traditional Malay weddings. Especially Malay weddings in the kampong. They are festive and colourful events that bring together family, friends, and even neighbours. This was particularly so, long before the 1960s, when people in […]

2 PDF Diorama Gift Set from WOSpecs

2 PDF WOSpecs Diorama Gift Set

We recently put together a rather different diorama for the good folks of 2 PDF. It is a large scene with various components that form a snapshot of the recipient’s work, achievements and contributions. This diorama was quite unlike the usual jungle scenes that we build. Therefore it was pretty challenging to plan and execute […]


Chettiars – The Bankers of Old

The Chettiar Moneylender is one of our newest Singapore Heritage figurines. Like the rest of the professions we’ve already created, money-lending by Chettiars is a lost trade that used to exist in olden Singapore. Looking at the modern banking sector in Singapore today, many of us may not be aware that Chettiars actually played an […]

793 Singapore Infantry Regiment Diorama Gift Set

793 SIR Infantry Diorama

The Lunar New Year festivities have finally died down, and things are starting to kick off as everyone officially begins 2020. A couple of events have started to take place in the Singapore Army, such as change of commands and promotions. And we had the opportunity to create a couple of gifts that commemorate these […]

Shophouses along the old Hock Lam street in Singapore during the 1960s

Singapore Shophouses – Then and Now

Walk the streets of Singapore today, and you will see skyscrapers, high-rise residential, and sleek modern buildings. However, you’d also see scattered throughout the island, many quaint shophouses of varying styles. They range from the early generation shophouses in Chinatown, to richly ornamented Peranakan-style shophouses on Koon Seng Road. Nestled amidst our developed city’s landscape, […]

Thailand Army Custom Scouts Figure with SAR 21

Custom Thailand Army Scouts

Recently, a team in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) approached us for a gift to a Thailand Army delegate. They wanted a diorama that symbolised the bilateral exchange between our two militaries, in particular, army scouts doing recon. We, unfortunately, only had figures of the Singapore Army. Hence we had to look to an external […]