NEW 3D-Printed Leopard 2SG

Why 3D-Print the Leopard 2SG Model?

Customers have written in to us over the years, requesting for various vehicle models. Be it the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle, the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank, or even the humble 5-Tonner Truck, every serviceman enjoys a keepsake model of their time in the Army.

Thus far, we’ve created scale models of the AMX-13 SM1 Tank and the Light Strike Vehicle Mk. 1. These were extremely detailed replicas of the actual vehicles, which entailed a long and complex design and production process. Nonetheless, we really wanted to add more vehicle models to our collection for more servicemen to enjoy. But how to do so without going through the same complex process for each vehicle which would simply take too long?

The answer was 3D-printing. With this method, we would be able to roll-out more vehicles in a shorter span of time, and offer them at more affordable prices.

We decided to start with the iconic Leopard 2SG, customers had often requested for it.


Designing and Creating the Leopard 2SG Model

We worked closely with a 3D-artist to draw and render the Leopard 2SG. Working off photos of the real-life tank, as well as other scale models created by other makers, we came up with a representation that was the ideal balance between accuracy and production-feasibility. We had to simplify certain details in order to make it workable for 3D-printing. Nonetheless, we think the final product turned out well!

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (1)

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (6)

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (5)


We were able to 3D-print the Leopard 2SG model with a rotatable turret. This made for a more dynamic and realistic display, particularly in diorama settings.


Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (13)


1/72, 1/48, 1/35 and 1/26 Scales

We decided to print the Leopard 2SG in three different scales. The largest 1/26 scale stands at a hulking 37cm length. It is compatible with the rest of our Singapore Army collection as they are all in the same scale. We were so impressed with the sheer size of it, especially when placed next to our SM1 tank model.

This is accurate to real-life, as the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) had acquired and upgraded the Leopard 2SG tanks to replace the older SM1s as Singapore’s main battle tank. The many improvements made to its armour and weapon systems made the Leopard 2SG a much larger and powerful tank than the SM1.

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (with SM1)

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (with LSV and SM1)

Our 1/26 scale 3D-printed Leopard 2SG next to our SM1 and Light Strike models for size comparison


Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (4 with Singapore Soldier Figurines)

Our 1/26 scale Singapore Army soldier figures standing next to the Leopard 2SG model that’s 3D-printed in the same scale

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (7 with Singapore Soldier Figurines)

Miniature Leopard 2SG 3D Printed Model (9)

 The 1/48 scale stands at a neat 20cm length, and is the ideal size for gifts. In the coming weeks, we will also be producing acrylic display cases to better-package them as gifts that can be presented to VIPs and servicemen.

Last but not least, we also decided to offer the 3D-printed Leopard 2SG in 1/35 scale as well, as this is a popular scale used by other tank model manufacturers. We are certain that military scale model collectors would be happy to see the Leopard 2SG alongside their other tanks and vehicles.

These models are now available on our website, print-on-demand with a lead time of roughly 3 weeks. If you trained on the Leopard 2SG, we hope that our tank model serves as a meaningful keepsake for you!


What to 3D Print Next?

Overall, we are pleased with the results of our 3D-printed Leopard 2SG model. Next, we’ll be looking into other SAF vehicles to 3D-print. Any requests? 🙂


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  1. Bernard Chia Beng Ho July 11, 2023

    The larger scale for the vehicles such as the AMX tank are very much detail. Therefore, the Leopard 2SG tank of the same scale as the AMX are much preferred. Are these Leopard tank available in shops to purchase?

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