Singapore Bicentennial & Unit Commemorative Gift

This year, we celebrate the Singapore Bicentennial! It marks the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore – an important milestone in our country’s history.

During this time, we remember the people who laid the foundations for our nation. Among them are the pioneers who underwent National Service during our first years as a Nation.

This early generation of soldiers committed themselves to the defence of our country. Because of their contributions, they set an example for future generations of soldiers to follow. And we continue, till this day, to build on what they established.

We are very glad that a unit in SAF chose our First Generation Singapore Soldier figure as gift to commemorate their milestone, which also coincides with the Singapore Bicentennial. It is an elegant display designed by our customer, consisting of a diorama mounted on a clear acrylic platform base. A meaningful write-up printed on a metal plate completes the set.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your milestone!






Gift Set Details

  • Miniature Stories First Generation Singapore Soldier 1/26 Figurine is available here
  • Jungle Diorama and Acrylic Case available here
  • Acrylic platform base & write up metal plate supplied by customer

Contact us for further queries on how to order a similar set for yourself!

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