Custom Thailand Army Scouts

Recently, a team in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) approached us for a gift to a Thailand Army delegate. They wanted a diorama that symbolised the bilateral exchange between our two militaries, in particular, army scouts doing recon.

We, unfortunately, only had figures of the Singapore Army. Hence we had to look to an external painter to customise the uniform colours on our scout figurine. Enter Don Chowdhurie, miniature painter and specialist in military diorama making.

He not only managed to rush the job out in time, but did a darn good job of it as well. Check out these pics of the finished product.

Miniature Stories Singapore and Thailand Scouts on recon 2

On the left we have our original Singapore Army Scouts Trooper, and on the right, the Thai Army custom.

Miniature Stories Singapore and Thailand Scouts on recon

At the client’s request, we also pasted flag decals on the figures to complete the look.

Thailand Army Custom Scouts Figure with SAR 21


Yes, we know Thailand soldiers don’t carry the SAR 21. But since the weapons were part of the sculpt and couldn’t be changed, we figured this could represent that bilateral exchange during training. In other words, the Thais getting a feel of our weapons and mutually sharing military expertise.

The client was pleased, and so were we. And we’re confident the Thailand Army will be pleased with their gift as well. A good ending all-round. 🙂

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