793 SIR Infantry Diorama

The Lunar New Year festivities have finally died down, and things are starting to kick off as everyone officially begins 2020. A couple of events have started to take place in the Singapore Army, such as change of commands and promotions. And we had the opportunity to create a couple of gifts that commemorate these occasions.

793 SIR (Singapore Infantry Regiment) recently commissioned a diorama from us as a gift for one of their esteemed trainers. So we designed a setup consisting of 3 soldier figures embedded in a jungle base and set in an acrylic display case.

Here are some pictures of what we created!


The gift set: 3 soldier figurines on a jungle base, encased in acrylic display with a custom-inscribed metal plate.


We handmade the jungle base from scratch and embedded each figurine for a seamless look. Synthetic materials and plants form the realistic ground cover.


The Platoon Commander (bottom-right) is flanked by the MATADOR and M203 Gunner.


The Platoon Commander, leaning against a small mound on the ground, calls to his troops to advance. He’s equipped with the SAR 21, which is the primary assault rifle used by Singapore Infantry soldiers.


The M203 Gunner kneels behind tree cover and fires. Incidentally, the tree trunk is a molded part of the actual figurine.


The MATADOR Gunner takes aim, ready to engage. We attached the 9 Div formation patch on all the figurines to make it even more meaningful for the recipient.


We had fun putting this diorama together for the Singapore Infantry Regiment. But most of all, we hope that the recipient will be pleased with his gift. 🙂

All figurines featured here, as well as many others, can be purchased separately here. Alternatively, browse our displays or contact us to commission a diorama just like this one!

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