Infantry Feast & Rally 2017


It was the 60th Anniversary of the Singapore Armed Forces Infantry, and we were very proud to join them at their annual Infantry Feast and Rally held at Selarang Camp.

There is a saying that goes, “When the Infantry moves, the Army moves.” This is because of the Infantry’s dominant presence in any battlefield.

Indeed, it was truly an honour for us to witness the pride that these troopers and veterans had for their battalions.



Here we are in front of the stage, sneaking in a picture before the space gets crowded with the attendees for the evening!

It was not called a Feast for nothing. Check out all the food stalls getting ready and the elegant tables laid out!

Their photo booth was a favourite for the evening – complete with props like this SAR 21.

60 torches were about to light a huge bonfire in the middle of the parade square, representing the Infantry’s 60th anniversary.

The bonfire was truly a sight to behold!

We got to meet the “Fathers of Terrex” – 3 distinguished gentlemen who were instrumental in the design and creation of this Infantry Fighting Vehicle.