Snapshots of Miniature Stories @ Army Open House 2017

It’s been an extremely eventful and fruitful 6 days at this year’s Army Open House (AOH 2017).

This event was our biggest one to date and we continue to be very grateful and humbled at the opportunity to be there.

Our customers and fans have all supported us in one way or another – be it through their purchases, their words of encouragement, their appreciation for our work or their shout-outs to friends about our brand. Truly, we would not be here without them.

We were really happy to see familiar faces at our booth, and also glad for the chance to introduce our Singapore soldier figurines to many who were new to Miniature Stories.

Another big thank-you also has to go out to our parents and friends for pitching in to help during this event. Given the crowd, the two of us alone would not have sufficed for sure! Despite the uncomfortable heat and hectic crowds, they did not once complain and always availed themselves to anything that we needed help with. They were definitely instrumental in the success of our booth at the event!



Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Booth 2

Our booth all set up and ready!


Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Booth

A closer look at our line of merchandise for the event – besides our signature soldier figurines, we also had fun army-themed souvenirs like pin badges and keychains.


Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Parade Diorama 2

The parade scene diorama that we had on display was definitely a crowd-favourite!

Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Parade Diorama


Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Jungle Diorama 2

Our other diorama display, the jungle scene with soldiers in assault, inadvertently showcased the excellent camouflage of our soldiers, because visitors had to take a closer look to count the number of figurines amongst the trees and plants! =D

Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Jungle Diorama


Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Caleb

Caleb, chatting with a customer at our booth – it was an excellent opportunity for us to get their feedback and to garner ideas for future projects.


Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Customers

The crowd usually poured in from the late-morning, with families who were grabbing a bite at the nearby food stalls.


Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Caleb 2

A cheeky grin from Caleb, who had bumped into a friend at the booth (he’s the one who snapped this photo).


Miniature Stories@AOH2017 Caleb and Terra

Aaaand… it’s a wrap, folks! See you all at our next fair!

AOH Booth cover photo by Gary Ng, MAphotoSG