A Special Exhibit at Singapore Airshow 2018

Singapore Airshow 2018 will be held from 6 – 11 Feb this year, and it promises a range of exciting activities and stunning aircraft displays for all.

The Trade Show is a segment that will occupy the first four days of the event. It is an important platform for world leaders in theĀ aerospace industry to gather. The latest systems and equipment of the aerospace and defence sector will be exhibited, together with their related technologies and developments.

WeĀ created some vehicle models to be placed alongside a large exhibit featuring many other SAF vehicles manufactured and designed by ST Kinetics, including their Terrex and Bronco models. Together, they illustrate Singapore’s military defence capabilities.Ā Besides that, our Singapore Soldier Figurines will also be displayed alongside the vehicles!

It was our first time producing these vehicle models, so we were a little apprehensive. But we are very happy with how they turned out! Keep a look out for them if you’re visiting the Airshow next weekend!

Without further ado, here are some photos of the models.



5-Ton Transport Trucks a.k.a. “5-Tonner”


Miniature Stories Tonner fleet models with figure

TheĀ ubiquitous 5 Tonner is often dubbed “the workhorse of the SAF,” as it transports supplies and ammunition to the battlelines.Ā TheseĀ truck models for the Singapore Airshow were cast in resin and hand-painted. Plastic was used for the windscreens to add a realistic touch. They are in the same scale as our Singapore Soldier figurines.


Miniature Stories 5-Tonner model-right

Miniature Stories 5-Tonner model-front

Miniature Stories 5-Tonner model-back


Miniature Stories 5-Tonner model-left-2

Miniature Stories 5-Tonner model-left


Command Post


Miniature Stories Command Post model-left

The actual command post used by the Singapore Armed Forces is huge, and is even large enough for small conferences to convene! Our model created for the Singapore Airshow hasĀ 4 detachable posts on each section and a ladder at the rear.


Miniature Stories Command Post model-front

Miniature Stories Command Post model-back

Miniature Stories Command Post model-right-2

Miniature Stories Command Post model-right


Probot (UGV)



ST Kinetics designed the actual Unmanned Ground Vehicle and equipped it with a standard 7.62mm GPMG (general purpose machine gun). Our model for the Singapore Airshow features a turnable turret, with movable fixtures on the GPMG.






We specially created these models for the Singapore Airshow, but if there is enough interest, we will certainly consider adding them to our line of merchandise for purchase!



For those of you who are looking at these photos of vehicle models and wondering when we’re launching our highly-anticipated SM1 Tank Model, fret not! We are working hard to get it released in the next few months and we promise you – it’ll be worth the wait. šŸ˜‰