Miniature Stories Heritage Series – New Sneak Previews

It’s been awhile since our last update on the Heritage Series, and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes! 2019 will be an exciting year where we expand on the series with many new figurines and miniatures.

Here are some new work in progress pictures to share what we have in store!



Shophouse Model (WIP)

Once completed, our shophouse model will be a truly beautiful piece that ties together the rest of our Heritage figurines to form scene right out of olden Singapore / Malaya.

The tiles on our miniature’s facade are in the Art Deco style. Its details are intricately and laboriously hand-sculpted! We will be creating two different shophouse versions in our initial release. We’re even toying with the idea of adding some led lights on the inside for some extra effect!

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Shophouse WIP

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Shophouse WIP 3

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Shophouse WIP 4


Ice Ball Stall Miniature (WIP)


Char Kway Teow Seller & Stall Miniature (WIP)

Our first olden street hawker miniature is going to feature the local favourite – chaw kway teow!

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Char Kway Teow Stall WIP


Koyok Seller / Medicine Man Miniature (WIP)

In our previous post, we shared an early sculpt of the Koyok Seller, a.k.a. olden day Medicine Man. We’ve since added a sculpt of his table with the various paraphernalia of his trade.

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Koyok Seller WIP


Fortune Teller with Altar & Customer Miniature (WIP)

Likewise for the Fortune Teller miniature, we’ve added his religious altar, including some small artifacts.

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Fortune Teller with Altar WIP


Brush Seller Miniature (WIP)

We’ve made lots of progress with our Brush Seller miniature since our last update, adding various sculpted brushes and dusters. For comparison, check out the real-life photo from National Archives!

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Brush Seller WIP


Trishaw Rider with Customer Miniature (WIP)

In our earlier post we shared about the trishaw and a really early version of the rider. We’ve since added a customer, and refined the rider and trishaw. The next step will be to add a hood for the trishaw.

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Trishaw Rider WIP


Live Chicken Seller Miniature (WIP)

Here’s an interesting new piece that we haven’t shared before – the chicken seller miniature with his cage of live fowl. We’re currently working on a weighing scale to place alongside him.

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Chicken Seller WIP Miniature Stories Heritage Series Chicken Seller WIP 2


Tailor’s Sewing Machine Miniature (WIP)

Last but not least, a close-up of the new sewing machine miniature that we’re working on for the tailor. Check out the intricate metal work on the foot pedal and frame!

Miniature Stories Heritage Series Sewing Machine WIP 2

Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, our initial release of Heritage Figurines is already available at our online store.

**All real-life photos credited to the National Archives of Singapore.