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Singapore Army Tonner Pin Badge


Pin Badge Specifications

We’ve replicated the Tonner iconic design in this intricate enamel pin badge. Collect it now as a unique military souvenir!

In addition to it, we also have pin badges of the Singapore Army Bionix, Leopard 2SG, Terrex, Peacekeeper and Primus. Collect them all!

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 6cm (L) by 3cm (H)
MATERIAL: Nickel-plated enamel with butterfly clip backings

Available for Worldwide Shipping!


About the Tonner

The 5 Ton Man Truck, also know as the Tonner or 5-Tonner, is a transport vehicle familiar to all who served their National Service (NS). It transports troopers to their required destination, and at the same time, moves supplies and ammunition to the battlelines.

The Tonner is a robust and versatile military vehicle designed to excel in a wide range of operational environments. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, this truck is a cornerstone of Singapore’s logistical prowess, providing essential support to military operations.

Indeed, this Truck combines power and durability, offering superior load-carrying capacity to meet the demanding requirements of the Singapore Army. With its advanced engineering, this military truck ensures optimal performance in both on-road and off-road conditions, making it a dependable asset for transportation and logistics.

From troop transport to cargo delivery, this military vehicle plays a vital role in ensuring operational success. Without a doubt, its reliability and efficiency has come to define the Singapore Army’s logistical backbone.


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