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Singapore Army Bionix Pin Badge


Pin Badge Specifications

We’ve replicated the Bionix AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) iconic design in this intricate enamel pin badge. Collect it now as a unique military souvenir!

In addition to it, we also have pin badges of the Singapore Army Terrex, Leopard 2SG, Tonner, Peacekeeper and Primus. Collect them all!

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 6cm (L) by 4cm (H)
MATERIAL: Nickel-plated enamel with butterfly clip backings

Available for Worldwide Shipping!


About the Bionix AFV

The Bionix AFV is an advanced infantry fighting vehicle capable of delivering accurate and lethal firepower while providing enhanced crew protection.

In addition to its firepower capabilities, the Bionix II comes equipped with the Battlefield Management System (BMS) that enables real-time sharing of battlefield information in a fully networked environment.

It is armed with a lethal 30 mm cannon and can travel at a Max Road Speed of 70km/h and Max X-Country Speed of 40km/h.

The Bionix AFV combines advanced armor protection with state-of-the-art firepower, making it a formidable force in diverse operational environments. Equipped with a potent 25mm auto-cannon and advanced targeting systems, the Bionix ensures precise and effective engagement, delivering a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

Designed for adaptability, this armoured fighting vehicle features modular configurations, allowing for swift customization to meet evolving mission requirements. Its cutting-edge technology enhances situational awareness and communication, fostering seamless coordination in complex operational scenarios.

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