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Light Strike Vehicle Model Mk. 1 LSV ‘The Flyer’ (VH002)


The Light Strike Vehicle Mk. 1 (LSV), also known as ‘The Flyer,’ is our second military vehicle model. In this highly detailed resin model, we painstakingly recreated all the intricate details of the LSV’s interior. Some of these details include the seats, radio and equipment, as well as the LSV’s suspension. In addition, we included the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) and SPIKE Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM).

Three removable soldier figurines accompany the LSV model. In line with the era in which the LSV Mk. 1 was in service, the soldiers are dressed in the early generation Singapore Army uniform.

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) replaced the LSV Mk. 1 with a more advanced model in 2013. Nonetheless, it remains an iconic vehicle for many servicemen in the Singapore Guards and Infantry battalions. So as to do justice to their memories of the vehicle, we spared no expense in making this scale model as realistic and accurate as possible.

It is a meaningful keepsake for those who trained on the LSV, as well as collectors and military enthusiasts!

Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 18cm (L) x 8cm (W)
MATERIAL: Hand-painted resin with metal parts
PACKAGING: White box with protective foam inserts and LSV description card


  • Singapore Army Vehicle Commander, Gunner & Driver Figurines
  • GPMG, SPIKE ATGW & Spare Casings
  • Equipment, such as ammo boxes, jerry cans and camo net (moulded)
  • Radio Antenna (1 Short Pair & 1 Long Pair)
  • Grassy Dirt Road Base on resin board and engraved display plate that reads “Singapore Army Light Strike Vehicle Mk. 1”


  • Display Case – Please add on in options below.

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