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Leopard 2SG 3D-Printed Resin Model (3D001)


The Singapore Army’s Main Battle Tank

The Leopard 2SG is the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) main battle tank. It was an upgrade from the German-made Leopard 2A4 tanks, which Singapore first acquired in 2008. Eventually, they replaced the older AMX-13 SM1 tanks.


3D-Printing Details

Our Leopard 2SG model is a simplified version of the real-life tank. Unlike our collector’s range of vehicles like the SM1 and LSV, this is an entry-level model. The only movable part is a rotatable turret. Nonetheless, this model is still a beautiful representation of Singapore’s iconic main battle tank, and will serve as a meaningful keepsake for servicemen and military enthusiasts! Above all, it is a great souvenir for those who served in the Singapore Armoured Regiment.

This is a made-to-order product that will take about 3 weeks to complete. It can be 3D-printed in various sizes to meet your needs! For example, the 1/26 scale stands at an impressive 37cm length that would be compatible with the rest of our Singapore Army range of soldier figurine and vehicle models. The 1/48 scale displays easily and is ideal for gifting, whilst the 1/35 is a popular scale for most collectors.


Product Specifications

1/26: Approx. 37cm (L)
1/35: Approx. 27cm (L)
1/48: Approx. 20cm (L)
1/72: Approx. 13.5cm (L)
MATERIAL: Resin, with rotatable turret
FINISHING: Single-tone olive green
LEAD TIME: 3 weeks (made-to-order product), unless ready-stock is indicated in selection menu


  • Leopard 2SG model in your chosen scale (please select below)


  • Display Case & Dirt Road Base Diorama (Only available for 1/48 scale – please add on below)
  • Soldier figurines, other vehicle models and patches shown for photography purposes only

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