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AMX-13 SM1 Tank Model (VH001)


At the time of its release, our SM1 variant of the popular AMX-13 model is the first and only one of its kind in the world.

We captured the various details¬†of Singapore’s upgrade from the originally-acquired French AMX-13s to the SM1s used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Examples of these details include the enhanced suspension system, raised turret, and many more.¬†Such details are what make our AMX-13 SM1 Tank Model especially meaningful as an iconic keepsake of¬†Singapore’s military history.

It is a beautifully-crafted piece that was made for the enjoyment of collectors and military enthusiasts alike. Particularly, it serves as a definitive physical memory for all Servicemen and Women who trained with it.

Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 27cm (L) x 10cm (W)
MATERIAL: Hand-painted resin with metal parts
PACKAGING: Cardboard box with protective foam inserts
– Singapore Army Vehicle Commander Figurine
– Machine Gun
– Jerry Cans
– Bamboo Poles
– Tactical Signs

Available for Worldwide Shipping!

NOTE: Gunner & Driver figurines sold separately – please select option to add-on below.

More About the AMX-13 SM1 Tank

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) acquired the French-made AMX-13 in 1968, spearheading the formation of the 1st Armoured Unit – 40 Singapore Armoured Battalion. The AMX-13s were later upgraded in 1988 to the Singapore Modernised 1 Tanks (SM1).

In total, the AMX-13 SM1’s employment in the SAF spanned almost 40 years. Due to its long service, this tank holds a special place in the SAF, and for generations of Singapore National Servicemen who trained with it – particularly for the Singapore Armoured Regiment, whose operations were closely involved with the tank.


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