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M113 Ultra 40/50 Model (VH003)


M113 Ultra 40/50 Model

The M113 Ultra 40/50 model is our highly-anticipated model from the Singapore Armoured Regiment’s fleet of armoured vehicles. At this point, it joins our Light Strike Vehicle and our AMX-13 SM1 Tank as our 3rd collector’s edition of vehicle models.

We rendered the vehicle’s interior and exterior in this resin model, and kept it faithful to the original. Furthermore, we included details like the main cupola mounted 40mm AGL and 0.5-inch HMG. There is also the engine compartment, driver and vehicle commander compartments, as well as the trooper compartment hatches and rear ramp door that open. In addition, the model is beautifully weathered, and comes with accessories and stowage used in a typical SAF operation of that era.

Our M113 Ultra 40/50 model comes with a removable Vehicle Commander and Driver figurine, as well as a beautifully detailed resin road base for display.

Finally, we included three additional rear soldier figurines (sold separately). These are a seated M203 Gunner, Gunner manning the GPMG, and the Section Commander. As seen in the pictures, you can place them in the vehicle’s troop compartment. According to the era in which the M113 Ultra was in service, the soldiers wear the 2nd generation Singapore Army uniform.

It is an iconic representation of the 90s and 2010s era in the Singapore Armoured Regiment – especially when paired with our AMX-13 SM1 Tank and 2nd Generation soldier figurines. All in all, this is a collector’s piece and a must-have for those who trained on the vehicle, as well as collectors and military enthusiasts!

More About the M113 Ultra in the SAF

The M113 Ultra 40/50 was a modernization of the original M113A1. By comparison, the SAF made key upgrades to the weapon systems. These upgrades include a gun-turret cupola-mounted CIS 40mm AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher) and CIS 0.5-inch HMG (Heavy Machine Gun). The vehicle was used in the late 90s to 2010s, after which the Bionix IFV gradually replaced it.

Product Specifications

M113 Ultra 40/50 Model: Approx. 22cm (L) x 11.5cm (W) x 13cm (H)
Display Case & Base: Approx. 38cm (L) x 23cm (W) x 18cm (H)

MATERIAL: Hand-painted resin
PACKAGING: White box with protective foam inserts and description card


  • Singapore Army Vehicle Commander & Driver Figurines
  • Grassy Dirt Road Resin Base and engraved display plate that reads “Singapore Army M113 Ultra 40/50”


  • 3 rear soldier figurines in 2nd gen Singapore Army uniform – Please add on in options below.
  • Display Case – Please add on in options below.

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The grassy dirt road base is very heavy and will increase overseas shipping costs significantly. Although it is included with the M113 Ultra model, you may wish to remove it from your order to save on shipping. If you would like to do this, please select ‘Remove Dirt Road Base to Lower Shipping Fee’ in the options below, and we will ship ONLY the M113 Ultra model to you. Please refer to the table below for the difference in shipping costs.


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