Blue Berets Fall In!

It’s been almost a year since we released our Parade Series of marching soldiers and RSMs.

At that time, we wanted the collection to include the Singapore Army’s different contingents. Hence our soldier figurines sported the black beret of Armour; the khaki beret of Guards; the green beret of Infantry formations, and the red beret of Commandos.

The blue beret however, was somehow left out – much to the dismay of the good men and women from Support Arms – such as Combat Engineers, Medics and Signals, Artillery and other support units.

So recently, we decided to right that wrong and successfully painted dark blue berets onto our Parade figurines. It took some trial and error with the dark blue shade and paint glossiness, but we think it turned out pretty well in the end!

Check out the pictures below. If anyone wants this customisation, we can now offer it! Best of all, folks who served in the Support Arms can now have a figurine keepsake that represents their vocation.