Blue Berets Fall In!

It’s been almost a year since we released our Parade Series of marching soldiers and RSMs. At that time, we wanted the collection to include the Singapore Army’s different contingents. Hence our soldier figurines sported the black beret of Armour; the khaki beret of Guards; the green beret of Infantry formations, and the red beret of […]

Our Parade Diorama

We have been working on a new diorama display for our Parade Series collectible figurines. It’s a street scene which was modelled after St. Andrew’s Road that passes between the Supreme Court and the padang (with some artistic licence, of course). During most of Singapore’s annual NDPs (National Day Parade), the contingents of soldiers from […]

SWO Jeffrey Chung

Legendary SAF Characters That We Respect

Perhaps you’ve heard your father or uncle tell you before that NS was a lot tougher during their time. As clichéd as that phrase sounds, there are truths to it. After all, they were schooled by a generation of commanders whose credo was founded on hard work, discipline and the utmost respect and deference to authority. In […]