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Fishmonger & Customers Figurine Set (SH051)


Miniature Fishmonger Figurine

This miniature Fishmonger is a new addition to our Singapore Heritage Chinatown street series. It adds to the bustling market scene and serves as a poignant homage to the history of that era.

The set includes a Fishmonger figurine preparing fish on a chopping board. He is accompanied by baskets and trays of fish, as well as 2 customers picking out their purchases.

Each figurine intricately tells a story of daily life, reflecting the resilience and spirit of the community. Ideal for collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts, this unique tribute encapsulates the charm and historical significance of 1970s Chinatown Singapore.

Product Specifications

INCLUDES: Fishmonger, Baskets & Trays of Fish & 2 Customers

SCALE: 1/26 scale but compatible with most 1/30 scale set ups; standing figures approx. 65mm (H) by 20mm (W)
MATERIALS: Hand-painted solid metal alloy and resin parts
PACKAGING: Printed box with protective foam and card insert with character description and limited edition number

Available for Worldwide Shipping!


About Fishmongers and Street Vendors in the 1950s

Hawkers, including fishmongers, were frequently found along the busy streets of Singapore during the early days. It was a common occupation amongst new immigrants as it was a low-cost way of earning a living – especially for the unskilled and unemployed. Though it came with certain issues like traffic obstruction and hygiene, street hawkers provided convenience and accessibility to families and the working class.


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