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Bird’s Nest Drink Stall Figurine Set (SH052)


Miniature Bird’s Nest Drink Stall Figurine Set

Get a slice of history and charm from a bygone era with our miniature Birds’ Nest Drink Stall figurine set.  The set includes the miniature Bird’s Nest Drink Stall cart, complete with all its accessories and signage, as well as the hawker and customer figurines.

This figurine set pairs well with our Chinese Opera collection.

Product Specifications

INCLUDES: Bird’s Nest Drink Stall, Hawker & Customer

SCALE: 1/26 scale but compatible with most 1/30 scale set ups; standing figures approx. 65mm (H) by 20mm (W)
MATERIALS: Hand-painted solid metal alloy and resin parts
PACKAGING: Printed box with protective foam and card insert with character description and limited edition number

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About Bird’s Nest Drink Stalls in the 1950s

The Bird’s Nest drink – a mix of sugar, pandan leaves, bird’s nest (Cui Yan), was a Chinese delicacy and sold on the streets by hawkers in carts. It was a particularly common sight at Wayang (Chinese Street Opera) performances. This was because it provided refreshments to viewers during these performances in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. The fragrance from the boiling pandan leaves would attract long queues from afar.


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