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10 Ways That Mum Made NS Easier

  Mother’s Day is coming up soon and ya’ll have about a week left to buy your gifts and make your restaurant reservations! In case you need some motivation, here are some ways that Mums supported their sons during their National Service (NS) days. Gleaned from real-life interviews with mothers and sons (who we are keeping anonymous […]

SWO Jeffrey Chung

Legendary SAF Characters That We Respect

Perhaps you’ve heard your father or uncle tell you before that NS was a lot tougher during their time. As clichéd as that phrase sounds, there are truths to it. After all, they were schooled by a generation of commanders whose credo was founded on hard work, discipline and the utmost respect and deference to authority. In […]


10 things that make SOC more jialat

SOC, sibei jialat IPPT, largi worse Everyday, doing PT With my rifle and my buddy and me-e-e! – Lament of the Recruit   The SOC (Standard Obstacle Course) may be nicknamed ‘The Soldier’s Playground’, but it is actually more a place of nightmares than fun for many BMT (Basic Military Training) recruits. The whole Course, […]