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Scout Recce Trooper on Patrol Figurine (SA028)


“First in, Last Out”

Instantly recognisable with his jungle hat, our miniature Scout Recce Trooper on patrol advances stealthily. On his back is his trusty ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) field pack.

This miniature Scout Recce Trooper figurine is fully hand-painted and made of metal. In addition, it pairs best with the Recce Commander (sold separately). Complete your display and package it as a gift with our jungle diorama base and display case!

Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Man: Approx. 67mm (H) x 37mm (W)
MATERIAL: Hand-painted solid metal alloy
FORMATION: Customisable (at no extra cost)
PACKAGING: Printed box with protective foam inserts

Available for Worldwide Shipping!


About Scouts / Recce in the SAF

In the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Scouts play a vital role in gathering information, conducting reconnaissance, and providing critical intelligence to support military operations. Indeed, the role of scouts is diverse and can vary based on the specific branch of service. Here are some key aspects of the role of scouts in the SAF:

Reconnaissance and Surveillance

Scouts are trained to conduct reconnaissance missions, which involve gathering information about the enemy, terrain, and other relevant factors. They operate in small, highly mobile teams to remain undetected while observing and reporting on enemy activities.

Intelligence Gathering

Scouts are responsible for collecting intelligence through observation, photography, and other means. They provide valuable information about enemy positions, movements, and capabilities, enabling commanders to make informed decisions.


Scouts need strong communication skills to relay timely and accurate information to higher headquarters. They often use various communication methods, including radios and other advanced communication equipment.

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