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Satay Customer Eating at Table Figurine (SH006)


Our miniature Satay Customer figurine depicts a Chinese customer enjoying his Satay, peanut sauce and ketupat at the stall. He sits on a low stool at a small wooden table, and is best displayed with the Satay Man figurine (sold separately). Both are nostalgic collectibles of Singapore in the old days.

About Satay and Singapore’s Heritage

Satay is a dish made of marinated meat skewered on thin sticks, barbecued over a flaming charcoal fire and eaten with a peanut sauce dip. It is often enjoyed with rice cakes wrapped in fragrant woven palm leaf pouches, called “ketupat.”

Street hawkers sold satay at roadside stalls in early Singapore. They would have low wooden stools and tables crudely constructed from wooden boxes, in order to provide a convenient meal for customers.

A sizzling and savory delight, satay is more than just a dish; it’s a flavourful page from Singapore’s vibrant heritage. Indeed, it is part of this island nation’s rich and diverse culture.

Harking back to the street hawkers of old Singapore, satay has been a beloved culinary tradition for generations. Grilled skewers of succulent marinated meat, bathed in a fragrant peanut sauce, offer a mouthwatering taste of history. Those who lived, worked and played during the 1950s – 1970s would fondly remember the scent of charcoal grills wafting through the air, accompanied by the symphony of vendors’ banter.

Till this day, satay remains a beloved symbol of Singapore’s multicultural identity. It is also a testament to the nation’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its rich traditions.


Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Man: Approx. 40mm (H) by 28mm (W);
Stall: 25mm (H) by 28mm (W)
MATERIAL: Hand-painted solid metal alloy
PACKAGING: Printed box with protective foam and card insert with character description

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