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SAR 21 Rifle Keychain (2 sizes)


Singapore Assault Rifle (SAR 21) Keychain

Our SAR 21 keychain is an accurate replica of the Singapore Assault Rifle. This is the main rifle used by battalions in the Singapore Army, and would make a great gift NS memento!

The SAR 21 keychain is available in 2 sizes. The large is eye-catching with a nice, solid weight to it, whereas the medium is a handy size that would conveniently fit into wallets and pockets.

In addition to the SAR 21, we have many other gun replica keychains – including the Ultimax 100 SAW used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).  Collect them all now!

Keychain Specifications

LARGE: 11cm length excl. chain, matte finishing, ring-type keychain
MEDIUM: 8.5cm length excl. chain, matte finishing, clip-type keychain
MATERIAL: Zinc alloy

Available for Worldwide Shipping!

About the SAR 21 Rifle

The SAR 21 is an assault rifle designed and manufactured in Singapore. At the time of its use, it is one of the world’s most advanced assault rifles. For example, the built-in 1.5 x optical scope and laser-aiming device enhances its accuracy. This makes it ideal for quick target engagement. At the same time, the bullpup design allows for easy operation in tight spaces, and its low recoil provides better control during firing.

In addition, the Singapore Army has made certain modifications to the SAR 21 to make it suited for a wide range of operational requirements. An example of these modifications is a 40mm Grenade Launcher or M203 attachment. This adds grenade-launch capability and expands its firepower.


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