• Singapore Airforce Aircraft Pin Badges
  • PMiniature Stories roduct-PB020-Seahawk-Pin-Badge
  • Miniature Stories Product-PB017-F-16-Pin-Badge
  • Miniature Stories Product-PB016-Apache-Pin-Badge
  • Miniature Stories Product-PB019-F-15-Pin-Badge
  • Miniature Stories Product-PB015-Chinook-Pin-Badge
  • Miniature Stories Product-PB018-C-130-Pin-Badge

Military Aircraft Pin Badges / Magnets


Take to the Skies

Our collection of aircraft pin badges feature iconic planes and helicopters flown by our very own Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). They make a great gift or souvenir for military geeks and those seeking some NS memorabilia. 7 designs to collect!

Each pin badge comes individually packaged with fully-printed card backing and a story write-up behind. Detachable magnets can be added for display on your fridge or cabinets!


Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS OF PIN BADGE: Approx. 5cm length
MATERIAL: Nickel-plated soft enamel, magnet optional

Available for Worldwide Shipping!

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