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Kampong Diorama


A handmade diorama of an old fashioned kampong / kampung (translates to “village” in Malay). It is reminiscent of the dwelling spaces for people in Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries in the early days.

We specially created this as the ideal display backdrop for our Malay Wedding series of figurines (sold separately). It can accommodate up to the number of figurines listed in our Collector’s Set. In 1/26 scale but compatible with most 1/30 scale set ups.

As the Kampong houses are fragile, this diorama is not for sale outside Singapore.

This diorama is only for sale when purchased with our Singapore Heritage figurines.


  • 1x full-size kampong house in blue
  • 1x quarter-depth kampong house in white
  • 3x coconut trees
  • Grass base with walking pathway

Does Not Include:

Product Specifications

BASIC MATERIAL: Houses made of hand-painted balsa wood; base made of styrofoam
LEAD TIME: Around 3 weeks
DIMENSIONS: Approx. 45cm (L) by 30cm (W)
SCALE: 1/26 scale but compatible with most 1/30 scale set ups


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