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Chinese Opera Wayang Generals (SH043)


Miniature Chinese Opera Generals

There are six different miniature Chinese Opera Generals to choose from, each sold separately (select from drop down menu below).

  • SH043P – Pink Costume
  • SH043BL – Dark Blue Costume
  • SH043R – Red Costume
  • SH043BLK – Black Costume
  • SH043W – White Costume
  • SH043G – Green Costume

These characters depict six Generals in the Cantonese Opera called “The Great Seal of the Six Kingdoms” (六国大封相).

This Opera is set during the Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.). It tells the story of how the renowned politician, Su Qin, lobbied the six states to adopt the Vertical Alliance strategy and unite against the State of Qin. This Opera is popular during Chinese holidays such as the Spring Festival. In accordance with the season, the costumes are colourful and elaborate.

A full-scale Opera stage, complete with colourful backdrops and backstage performers, is also available (sold separately). It is the perfect setting to display these characters in, and a must-have to complete your collection.

Product Specifications

INCLUDES: 1 figurine in your chosen colour (please select below)

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Opera Stage, Backstage and Other Performers (sold separately)

SCALE: 1/26 scale but compatible with most 1/30 scale set ups; approx.  25mm (L) by 75mm (H)
MATERIALS: Hand-painted solid metal alloy and resin parts
PACKAGING: Printed box with protective foam and card insert with character description and limited edition number

Available for Worldwide Shipping!

About Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera, or Chinese ‘wayang’, is a form of theatrical performance. Chinese immigrants first introduced them in Singapore during the late 19th century. In the old days, it was performed for both entertainment and at religious festivals to honour deities. Percussion instruments serve as the play’s primary music, and the performance style involves high-pitched singing and a formal way of speaking.


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