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Police Special Ops Tactical Vehicle


Pin Badge Specifications

We’ve replicated the Singapore Police Special Ops Tactical Vehicle in this intricate enamel pin badge. Collect it now as a unique souvenir!

In addition to it, we also have other Home Team pin badges of the Police Fast Response Car, SCDF Pump Ladder, Red Rhino and Ambulance. Collect them all!

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 5.5cm (L) by 3.5cm (H)
MATERIAL: Nickel-plated enamel with butterfly clip backings

Available for Worldwide Shipping!


About the Special Ops Tactical Vehicle

The Police Special Ops Tactical Vehicle is engineered for precision and strategic response. It is a high-performance vehicle and a critical asset in the arsenal of Singapore’s law enforcement, ensuring swift and effective operations in specialized scenarios.

This formidable red vehicle is extremely versatile. It can also certainly handle a range of tactical situations with ease. From counter-terrorism operations to high-risk interventions, it showcases Singapore’s commitment to staying ahead in the realm of law enforcement technology and innovation.

Built to excel in urban and challenging terrains, the Vehicle boasts advanced features. These include robust armor protection, powerful engines, and cutting-edge communication systems. These elements ensure not only the safety of law enforcement personnel but also the success of critical operations in dynamic and unpredictable environments.


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