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Combat Medic Figurine (SA021)


To Seek, To Save, To Serve!

Our miniature combat medic figurine carries a foldable stretcher and his medic backpack. In addition to being an accurate and detailed figurine, it is also fully hand-painted and made of solid metal.

This miniature combat medic figurine makes an ideal gift and keepsake for servicemen and women who serve as combat medics in the SAF. Complete your display and package it as a gift with our jungle diorama base and display case!

Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS: 67mm (H) x 37mm (W)
MATERIAL: Hand-painted solid metal alloy
EQUIPMENT: Medic Backpack, Folded Stretcher
FORMATION: Customisable (at no extra cost)

Available for Worldwide Shipping!

About Combat Medics in the SAF

Combat medics in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) play a crucial role in providing medical support to military personnel in the field. In addition to ensuring prompt and effective medical care in various operational environments, they fight alongside other troopers. Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks related to casualty care, evacuation, and medical support. Here are some key aspects of the role of combat medics:

Emergency Medical Care

Combat medics administer immediate and life-saving medical care to injured or wounded personnel on the battlefield. They handle a variety of injuries, from minor wounds to more severe trauma, and are often the first responders in combat situations.

Evacuation Coordination

Combat medics are responsible for coordinating the evacuation of casualties from the battlefield to more advanced medical facilities. This may involve coordinating with medical evacuation teams, ground transport, or air assets to ensure timely and appropriate evacuation.

Integration with Combat Units

Combat medics are integrated into combat units, working closely with soldiers to understand the specific needs and risks associated with their missions. This integration allows them to provide more effective and tailored medical support. In fact, they carry their medical care equipment IN ADDITION to the standard battle load that a regular trooper carries into the battlefield.

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