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Chinese Fortune Teller and Customer Figurine Set (SH010)


During the 1950s, Chinese Fortune Tellers in Singapore were usually found on temple grounds and the five feet walkways of shophouses. Some examples of divination methods that they used included palmistry, face reading and “bazi,” (八字) where one’s destiny was foretold using birth data.

This Miniature Stories collectible set depicts a Chinese fortune teller and his customer in the midst of a conversation. They are seated in front of an altar with implements of divination and worship. The Chinese characters on the signage have been painstakingly recreated from real life.


Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Fortune Teller & Customer: 50mm (H) by 24mm (W) each
Altar: 62mm (H) by 39mm (W)
MATERIAL: Hand-painted solid metal alloy
PACKAGING: Printed box with protective foam and card insert with character description and limited edition number

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