• Product-BA010-Acrylic-Case-Small-RSM
  • Product-BA010-Acrylic-Case-Small-RSM-plate
  • Product-BA014-Acrylic-Case-SmallB-Parade
  • Product-BA014-Acrylic-Case-SmallB-NS50
  • Product-BA010-Acrylic-Case-Small-2g
  • SAF Officer and Marching Soldier in Acrylic Case
  • Product-BA002-Wooden-Plinth-Medium-SA011CH
  • Product-BA002-Wooden-Plinth-Medium-SA006
  • Product-BA004-Wooden-Plinth-XL-SA002-SA014
  • Product-BA004-Wooden-Plinth-XL-SA015-SA016

Soldier Figurines with Cases & Pedestals (Custom Order)

We have a variety of acrylic display cases and wooden bases to go with our collection of Singapore Soldier Figurines. Custom-inscribed metal plates can also be added with your personal message and unit logo. For more information and pictures, please visit our Displays & Bases section.

Want something like this for your men or commanders? Contact us now to enquire!

Please note that accurate price quotations can only be provided based on a complete set of your requirements.


Options Available

– Singapore Soldier Figurines (from Miniature Stories collection)
– Acrylic cases
– Wooden bases
– Custom-inscribed metal plates


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